City of emmett

Public works department

Public Works Adopted Map                                                         2012 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Community Entrance Plan                                                           Park Master Plan

Major Street Plan                                                                              Proposed Water System Improvement Map

Water Map                                                                                             Water Quality Info:

Sewer Map                                                                                              Water Quality:    &                                                                                                                                                                          

2013 Consumer Confidence Report


501 E. Main Street       Phone: (208) 365-6050

Emmett, ID  83617       Fax:      (208) 365-3064


To contact City Hall:

Public Works Superintendent

Bruce Evans

316 East Park Street

Phone (208) 365-9569

Fax (208) 365-4651

Maximum Can Size - 40 Gallons

Maximum Can Weight - 60 Pounds






Garbage Rates per month:


Residential Single Family per door


Commercial Per Weekly Pick-up (4 can max)


Commercial Bin—Per pick-up on each bin


Dumpster—Per pick-up


Monthly Base Rates (1 inch meter):






Garbage (Residential)


Street Light




Water $1.80 per 100 cu ft over base rate


Sewer $3.04 per 100 cu ft over base rate


748 gallons = 100 cu ft


Restricted Items:



Rocks, Bricks, Dirt Sod, etc.


Hazardous Waste Products


Liquids like Paint or Motor Oil


Car Tires, Car Batteries